Houston FAQ

We know there are a lot of variables with art events and we hope this helps answer some of the most commonly asked questions about participating in Artist v Architect.

Do I have to create a new piece of artwork in order to submit?

NO! The submission process is a simple portfolio submission process. You do not have to collaborate or create new pieces of artwork. We want to see what you have done in the past and what you may currently be working on.

What do I have to submit to be considered?

1) Complete the online form
2) Answer the bio and artist statement questions
3) Upload a PDF portfolio of your current artwork or a portfolio of current projects. Case study format is also acceptable

If I submitted my portfolio in the previous years but was not chosen, am I eligible to submit again?

Yes. Our panel changes each year and we encourage you to submit until you are chosen.

Does Artist v Architect provide any funding to the artists or architects during the collaboration or individual work process?

At this time AvA does not provide any funding to the chosen participants. If you are selected and will be participating on behalf of your firm, we encourage you to ask your firm/company to support your project should you need financial assistance.

If I participated in AvA in previous years, am I able to participate again?

No. At AvA we want fresh new talent each year to work with and collaborate with each other. We love showcasing new talent and new ideas.

What if I work for a firm or I am represented by an art gallery. Do I have to submit my portfolio and do my work on their behalf?

If your firm/gallery is supporting your submission/participation (usually financially) in Artist v Architect, then we encourage you to do so. However, if you want to submit/participate without firm support you are welcome to do so.

Does AvA give out prizes?

We award and recognize favorites in several categories: Artist Favorite, Architect Favorite, Collaborative Favorite and Overall Favorite. On the night of the live event a public vote determines these favorites. Those individuals and collaborative pairs will receive a special recognition and prize. The prizes vary from year to year.

How many artists are chosen?

Each year our panel selects 8 artists to participate. These range from photographers, sculptors, painters and artists of other mediums.

How many architects are chosen?

Each year our panel selects 8 artists to participate. These range from interior design architects, builders, interior designers and more.

Do I get to select my partner?

No. This is done by chance.

How do you select the artist + architect pairs?

The pairings are done by chance. After the panel selects the top 16, a random lottery drawing is held to create the pairings.

Am I restricted on what I create individually or collaboratively?

There are no restrictions. The sky is the limit on your creativity individually and with your collaborative partner. We encourage you to think outside of the box, create 3-D models, be creative with new technologies or paint techniques and more.

Am I am able to suspend or affix my artwork to any structure?

AvA provides artist walls for hanging wall art. You may not affix or suspend any materials to any structures at One Arts Plaza.

I need a pedestal for my sculpture or an easel, do you have one?

AvA does not provide any structural elements to showcase your work except for wall space. If you require a pedestal or easel we encourage you to source one. We may have resources, but do not rely on AvA to supply this.

How long do I have to create my collaborative and individual pieces of work?

You are given approximately 3.5 months to complete the individual and collaborative pieces.

Why do I have to be finished with my work 2 months before the event?

We ask that all work be complete 2 months prior to the event so that we may create the art catalog for VIP patrons and media previews.

Will I be able to receive a tax donation letter for my art donation?

Yes. We work with each of our non-profit auction beneficiaries to ensure you are recognized for your donation. If you would like a tax donation letter, we can provide one.

Is Artist v Architect a non-profit?

No. Artist v Architect is not a non-profit.

Will there be a company hired to hang the art exhibit?

No. You are responsible for hanging/installing your individual and collaborative art pieces. A date & time for installation will be provided.

How long is the exhibit at One Arts Plaza?

The artwork that is created is placed on display at Rice University for approximately 3-4 weeks in September.

Will anyone be able to see my work on display at One Arts Plaza?

Yes. Rice University is open 24/7 and open to the public. The lobby space is secured by a team of professional security guards. Your work will be secure and anyone is welcome to view it at any time.

Will I receive press exposure from participating?

Yes. (Our 2015 media partners will be determined). Additional media are invited to cover the event. Social media exposure and other opportunities are also made available to those chose participants.

How much are tickets to the event?

Tickets are $75 for General Admission and $125 for VIP. VIP access provides early bidding access, access to the art catalogue and access to a private VIP/sponsor event.

Am I am to take a tax deduction from my ticket purchase?

No. Tickets to Artist v Architect are not tax deductible.

Does the auction beneficiary receive all or a portion of the auction proceeds?

The charity beneficiary receives 100% of the auction proceeds. AvA does not handle any auction funds. Those funds are distributed direct to the charity on the night of the event by the professional auction company.

If I purchase art at the event, will you be able to take a tax deduction?

You are only able to take tax deduction for art purchased at the event if you purchase the art above the value. On the night of the event, a receipt will be provided.