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Houston 2016

E-nable LogoThe e-NABLE community is a global network of over 4000 volunteers (and growing) who are using their 3D printers, design skills and personal time to create free 3D printed prosthetic hands for those in need – with the goal of providing them to underserved populations around the world.
Statistics state that 1 in every 1200 children are born missing fingers and countless more have lost them due to disease, accident, natural disasters and war.

Commercial prosthetics can cost between $2000 to tens of thousands of dollars and while there are wonderful organizations that provide free prosthetics for children with upper limb differences, the devices are not available for many children who are simply missing fingers. Thanks to 3D printing and the collaborative efforts of many e-NABLE volunteers who have shared their designs openly with the world, children who do not have prosthetic options available to them – now do.

The devices created by the e-NABLE volunteers have a materials cost of about $50 to produce a single hand and on average, $100 per arm, and no family is ever asked for payment. The Artist VS. Architect auction will assist in supporting the purchase of up-to-date 3D printers and various raw materials that is essential to designing and creating custom 3D printed prosthetics for those with upper limb differences.

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Dallas 2016